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Defining Wellness

Wellness: The Quality or State of being Healthy
: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal <lifestyles that promote wellness>

Visually Inspired

The possibilities are endless but sometimes we need a place to begin…

Shine bright like a diamond

‘The difference is in the diamonds,’ never rang so true! 
No no, we’re not referring to an emerald or princess cut. We’re talking about the life you spend behind the glitz and glamour, at home in the arms of relaxation and serene sur…

Relax, you’ll be more productive

Relax, you'll be more productive

In today’s work culture we seem to have put a high value on the person that works 14 hour days; eats at their desk; takes work home with them; is constantly connected to work by phone and internet – even on off hours and weekends; doesn’t take vacation…you get the picture.  We think of these people as hard working and productive, but are they really?  Don’t get me wrong, they are working hard but may not be very productive.  Many studies have shown that the person who gets good sleep, relaxes and removes themselves from the work environment regularly is more productive.  They are also in a better mood making it easier to work within a team setting, more creative, and a more efficient problem solver.  Generally nicer to be around; that’s got to be worth something, right?  Nicer work environment?

Spa Cover Care Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts

The cover to your spa is an important piece of equipment that needs your attention like everything else. Simple do’s and do not’s of spa cover care will extend the life of your spa for years and years. Abuse the cover and it will break d…

Lets Host a Hot Spring Super Bowl Party!

Lets Host a Hot Spring Super Bowl Party!

If you are an avid NY football fan whether it is the Giants or Jets, I’m sure like myself, you are bummed that neither team will be in this years’ big game. That being said, there is no reason not to enjoy the day or game. Why not host a spa themed Super Bowl party? Here’s a few ideas:

Sauna is a State of Mind and a Matter of Wellness

Sauna is a State of Mind and a Matter of Wellness

If you are interested in health and wellness you cannot ignore all the blogs, articles and social media chatter about the benefits of sauna bathing whether you are a purist and go steam or prefer the infrared sauna solution.  Either way, a healthy 15 – 30 minutes per day or even 3