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Spa Cover Care Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts

The cover to your spa is an important piece of equipment that needs your attention like everything else. Simple do’s and do not’s of spa cover care will extend the life of your spa for years and years. Abuse the cover and it will break d…

Lets Host a Hot Spring Super Bowl Party!

Lets Host a Hot Spring Super Bowl Party!

If you are an avid NY football fan whether it is the Giants or Jets, I’m sure like myself, you are bummed that neither team will be in this years’ big game. That being said, there is no reason not to enjoy the day or game. Why not host a spa themed Super Bowl party? Here’s a few ideas:

Sauna is a State of Mind and a Matter of Wellness

Sauna is a State of Mind and a Matter of Wellness

If you are interested in health and wellness you cannot ignore all the blogs, articles and social media chatter about the benefits of sauna bathing whether you are a purist and go steam or prefer the infrared sauna solution.  Either way, a healthy 15 – 30 minutes per day or even 3

When Life is Hectic and Stressful

When life is hectic and stressful, it is vital to take time out to relax and unwind. Hot Tubs are an ideal way to soothe your stress away. Let the buoyancy of the water hol…

Spa Water Trouble Shooting

Winter is here and many are using their hot tub more and more. Looking at the water quality is important. There have been more people in the water, maybe even a dog or two…a few children of different ages. The temperature of …

Let’s Enjoy the Holidays in Our Hot Tub

This is the time of year we are drawn to celebrating with friends and family, we just can’t help ourselves.  Usually this involves libations and food.  In search of cocktails and mocktails for upcoming get togethers I stumbled …