Infrared Therapy, plain and simple

What is Infrared energy and how do we use it as therapy? Plain and simple, Infrared is the heat we encounter everywhere in our lives. The warmth of the sun, the heating system of our home and so on. Infrared is warmth, plain and simple.

When we sit outside on a warm summer day, we feel the heat of the sun penetrating our body but what happens when a cloud rolls in and dims the light? The outdoor temperature does not change however, the infrared heat waves were interrupted by the clouds decreasing the infrared warmth our body was absorbing.

Infrared Sauna Therapy uses infrared heaters to emit heat of which the human body absorbs through tissue directly beneath the skin’s surface. A traditional sauna would heat the body indirectly, with hot air or steam. Through infrared heating, the penetration of warmth directly into the muscles relieves tensions and soothes pain while increasing circulation throughout the body. This increased circulation allows for toxins to sweat out, creating detox and health benefits unmeasurable by other means.

Detoxing creates benefits beyond the health factor. Beauty is imminent as pain relief relaxes the muscles of the body, heavy metals and harmful toxins are removed, stress relief promotes better sleep, cellulite and pores are toned and the skin is mildly cleansed with infrared heat therapy.

An infrared sauna is an incredible way to relax and revive at the end, or beginning of each day. Up to 30% of the body’s waste can be perspired through the skin, which is often referred to as our body’s ‘third kidney.’ All health and beauty benefits aside, there is nothing like the benefit of overall wellness and the sound of “Ahhhhh” as you relax in a blanket of warmth.

infrared sauna by ocean spray
infrared sauna by ocean spray