Hot Tubs are for People, Not Dogs

Hot Tubs are for People, Not Dogs

It may sound nice to have man’s best friend relax with you in your hot tub but it is not a good idea.  Below are 5 reasons to keep your dog out of hot water— It’s Too Hot Dog’s regulate their body temperature in a different way than humans do.  When we get hot, we … Read More

5 New Ideas for Family Time

5 New Ideas for Family Time

Getting the whole family to turn off their phones and come together for a little quality time is hard. Coming up with activities the whole family will love can be even harder. If you’re looking for some new things to do as a family, here are a few ideas. 1. Yard games There are few … Read More

Try This Post Workout Recovery

Try This Post Workout Recovery

HITT, Marathon Training, Brisk Walking, Weightlifting and more— your exercise of choice can leave you depleted– but did you know that research says there are things that can help? Saunas Aid in Recovery After Exercise Sauna have been shown to help people recover more quickly from exercise by easing joint & muscle pain and eliminating … Read More

Visualize that Perfect Spa in YOUR Space

Visualize that Perfect Spa in YOUR Space

Unsure of where to put your new Hot Springs Hot Tub in your backyard? Want to see what tub would look best in your space?  We’ve got an app for that! Check out Hot Spring’s new VIRTUAL VIEW AR App- This free app puts the power of augmented reality at your fingertips. Shop and compare … Read More

Can’t Sleep?  Try a Soak Before Bed

Can’t Sleep? Try a Soak Before Bed

Seventy percent of adults in the United States report not getting the rest they need. If you’re kept awake by worries, aches or pains, a home hot tub can offer a way to help you sleep better.

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Do Hot Tubs Help Headache Pain?

Do Hot Tubs Help Headache Pain?

Originally posted on Living with frequent headaches can make daily life seem difficult and trying, interfering with people’s ability to pursue an active, productive lifestyle. For some, no easy remedy or treatment seems within reach; despite what they’ve tried, the headaches just keep coming. Not even an apple a day keeps the headaches away. … Read More



This article was first published online at One key to a happy life is having the health and vitality to participate in your favorite activities. That looks different for everyone – but whether you spend your free time running marathons or pushing grandchildren on the swings, you want to be able to give it your … Read More

When Should I Replace my Spa Cover

When Should I Replace my Spa Cover

      “This article was first published online at Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It’s also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and it prevents … Read More

Drinking to your Health

Drinking to your Health

As you know, we are big believers of wellness by way of water. Water is such a natural component of our lives that we tend to overlook the benefits due to simplicity. In fact, we are sure at least one visit to a doctor has resulted in hearing ‘Drink more water.’ Don’t let yourself get … Read More

Keeping Pests and Bugs away from your Hot Tub

Keeping Pests and Bugs away from your Hot Tub

This little guy’s coloring really camouflaged his private soak session, but I am sure our East Quogue, NY customer (where he was found) doesn’t want Mr. Frog to make her Hot Tub his permanent private bath.  Here are some tips and tricks to help keep all kinds of pests away from your Private or Full … Read More

Long Island Woman loses over 100 pounds Working Out in her own Backyard

Long Island Woman loses over 100 pounds Working Out in her own Backyard

Meet Meredith Volpe.  A Long Island wife, mother, salesperson, and great friend.  In 2018 Meredith weighed 267 lbs. “Working out was painful— (I tried) different workouts, gym memberships, exercise videos.  My mind wanted to do it, but my body was fighting me,” said Volpe. Because of her weight, Meredith said she felt trapped, “everything I … Read More

Celebrate National Water Safety Month

Celebrate National Water Safety Month

Celebrate National Water Safety Month–With the Whole Family   May is National Water Safety Month and what better time to check in with your family and make sure everyone is practicing Care near H2O.  The annual awareness campaign, put out by several organizations has a variety of resources good all year long.  Pool & Hot … Read More

BBQ for the Blue announces the 2019 Hometown Hero of Long Island

Ocean Spray Hot Tubs of Westhampton Beach was on-site at the My Country 96.1 BBQ for the Blue event Sunday, August 25, 2019 to announce the winner of their Hometown Hero Hot Tub Giveaway! This is Ocean Spray‘s second annual hot tub giveaway on Long Island. Owner, Joe Musnicki wanted to plan something special and … Read More

The Aqua Bike is here for Endless Pools Fitness Systems!

Endless Pools is known best for swimming, but did you know you can swim, run and bike in an Endless Pools? Low-impact cycling is possible thanks the addition of a new, lightweight Aqua Bike! Position the Aqua Bike in front of the swim current and feel the resistance against your core and legs for an … Read More

Health Benefits of Sauna

Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna bathing. With good reason. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring. A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and … Read More

Why You’ll Enjoy a Luxury Hot Tub With the One You Love

Need an escape from the pressures of life? Making time for one another is a great way to strengthen the relationship. One-on-one quality time with your partner can steer your focus on the moment and away from the troubles of the day. A getaway might be nice, but it’s not always possible. A luxury hot … Read More

A Sauna With an Observation Deck

Maybe it’s the colder temps, damp weather and need for warmth that drew us in to this story. Or, perhaps it was the idea of a view added to our favorite room in the house, the sauna. Regardless, featured in NY Times Style Magazine, A Sauna With an Observation Deck caught our eye. Sauna is such an … Read More

Long Island Hometown Hero Hot Tub Giveaway

Ocean Spray was on site and on stage at the My Country 96.1 Salute to Heroes Concert September 23, 2018 for our Hometown Hero Hot Tub Winner Announcement! Months ago, Ocean Spray owner, Joe Musnicki wanted to plan something special and ‘pay-it-forward’ to someone who has dedicated their life to serving others. What better than … Read More

Why is my Hot Tub Cover so Heavy?

One of the most common mistakes made by Long Island hot tub owners is allowing their hot tub covers to get too heavy. In many cases, hot tub owners simply aren’t aware that they have a problem and often don’t ever realize their hot tub cover is getting heavy until it’s too late. So how … Read More


A happy Long Island hot tubber recently bought a new house and wanted to have something their family could do together to relax, have fun, and create memories. “We thought about getting a pool in our backyard, but the cost and maintenance — not to mention all the chemicals — turned us off to the idea. As … Read More

Ocean Spray Makes a Splash on National Television

  In August of 2017 BRAVO approached Ocean Spray will an offer of a lifetime: “How would you like to be on National Television?” The answer was indded, “YES!” Ryan Serhant, star of Million Dollar Listing NY, has spun-off a new theme where he helps other people with their customer service skills, relating to others … Read More

Sweat Box – Compliments of Pulse Magazine

The warmth of a soaking tub or the sensation of full body sprays in the shower are popular luxury upgrades that also help to dissolve homeowners’ daily stress. But adding a sauna goes one step beyond simply feeling better—it actually expels toxins. Pesticides, herbicides, petroleum- and plastic-based chemicals in consumer products are banked by the … Read More

Sharing our Stories

Ocean Spray’s own team member, Meredith Volpe, shares her weight loss journey in this video and explains how exercising in a swim spa has taken her to a fitness level that she’d never imagined. Sometimes, a gym is the last place you’d want to work out. Our team does not simply sell hot tubs. We … Read More

Come to Relax, Stay For Your Health

It’s no surprise that the main reason people buy saunas is the same reason people buy any leisure product: relaxation. But the sauna offers a well-documented distinction that draws customers interested in more than kicking back. “The main difference is the sauna has so many additional health benefits that you don’t get in another leisure … Read More

6 Essential Oils for Happiness

March 9, 2018 By Author: Urmet Seepter Find out what are the most effective essential oils for happiness! The popularity of essential oils is clearly on the rise. Yoga classes have begun to use Rose oil and Lavender for their calming and relaxing effect. Frankincense and Sandalwood are used for meditation. Even athletes use essential oils in therapy … Read More

The Wellness First Approach

The Wellness First Approach  by Cailley Hammel, AQUA Magazine, April 2018 For many on Long Island, the phrase “hot tub” is synonymous with Ocean Spray Hot Tubs & Saunas. (It’s only natural when your business has been around nearly 40 years.) However, for the last year and a half, the Ocean Spray team has made … Read More

Hot Baths, Saunas can Relieve Pain, may help Heart

By Amy Chillag, CNN (CNN) Don Benedict played handball competitively for 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. To stay in shape, he ran 5 miles every other day. But decades of pounding the pavement took its toll. When Benedict was 57 years old, he ruptured a disc in his back. And then it happened again. He had … Read More

Six mind-body tips for less holiday stress

(CNN)- by Dana Santas: There’s no denying the joys of the holidays, but with all the shopping, parties and family visits, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by emotional and physical stressors. Trust me, I know the feeling! Thankfully, there are ways to keep the stress from getting the better of you. Below, I share six simple-yet-effective … Read More

Muscles in Hot Water

Alice Cunningham, one of our favorite water wellness advisors and owner of Olympic Hot Tub of Seattle, WA is always a great resource for information. A believer and true practitioner of the hot tub lifestyle, Alice shared the following blurb in AQUA Magazine on how hot water and muscles work so well together. Sometimes the … Read More



Insulation is what keeps the water in your hot tub hot. It is designed to slow or stop energy from moving. In other words, it traps warmth in the spa and does not allow it to escape. Any shopper looking for a hot tub that will (usually) be placed outdoors and expected to heat 400 gallons of … Read More

4 Ways Swimming Has Helped My Running

This form of cross-training brings some surprising benefits. ByTed Spiker FRIDAY, JULY 14, 2017, 11:05 AM The other day, I walked into the locker room and a friend asked, “Did you just go swimming?”I hadn’t. It just looked that way, because my shorts and shirt were sopped, soaked, and slogged from a run in the Florida … Read More


Spa owners find hot tub maintenance easier than ever. It’s so easy to maintain a hot tub today. You no longer have to worry about restaining wood siding, and you might be surprised at how few chemicals you’ll use. Consider these facts: A hot tub manufactured in 2017 uses just 10 to 20 percent of the chlorine a similar model did in 1997 Today’s hot tub cabinets are made from low-maintenance, weather-resistant vinyl rather than wood … Read More

How much does a hot tub cost?

  If you are in the market for a hot tub, one of the first questions you might ask is, “How much does a hot tub cost?” The answer is, it depends. Hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The main reason they are not displayed on the manufacturer’s website or most dealers’ websites is that prices … Read More

What’s for Dessert?

Spring has sprung and we’ve been more than happy to open up the shed and garage and start resetting the yard for yet another summer season of backyard fun in the sun! Yes, the weather has been more than a little wet in the northeast these past few weeks but it’s nothing a good pair … Read More

Diving into Water Wellness

Contact or stop into our Westhampton beach, Melville or Farmingdale locations to learn the benefits and beginning steps to add water wellness to your life.

Thanksgiving Delight, courtesy of the Big Green EGG

Once you try this brined turkey, you’ll agree that nothing does a better job of roasting meats than the EGG. The turkey has a subtle smoky flavor and is moist and succulent, but if you prefer a bolder smoky flavor, add more smoking wood chips in increments during cooking. This turkey would be great for holidays, and you can use the leftovers to make wonderful sandwiches. Recipe courtesy of Kevin Rathbun.

Expanding water wellness…

As you know, we are big believers of wellness by way of water. Water is such a natural component of our lives that we tend to overlook the benefits due to simplicity. In fact, we are sure at least one visit to a doctor has resulted in heari…

Nothing but the best!

The Ocean Spray Team is proud to announce that we’ve been nominated in the Bethpage Best of Long Island contest as your favorite Barbecue Store and Pool & Supply Company! 

Giving the body a boost of Immunity

It’s been a few weeks since the little ones have started school and everyone seems to be getting back into a routine of work, school, homework, dinner, bathtime and uh-oh…someone’s sick!
There’s nothing like a sick famil…

Refocus vs. De-focus

With ultra busy lives, we tend to maintain a constant state of motion. For some, just the thought of relaxation brings on an added stress. 
Does your ideal vacation include a wealth of activities instead of a day spen…

The Most Expensive Pool Float in the World


Everyone wants their pool water to sparkle — but this float takes poolside shimmer to the next level.

#FLOATY, a supplier of novelty pool floats, is offering a stunning (pun intended) unicorn-shaped pool float encrusted with more than 10,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals in a rainbow of 14 colors. As #FLOATY social media manger and Rebecca Hsu told Observer, an online news and culture site, only one will be sold, making it the most exclusive pool float in the world.

As of press time, the unicorn float is still available for $6,000. (Though likely not for long; according to Hsu, #FLOATY has seen about a dozen serious inquiries.)

The crystal-studded inflatable isn’t the first pool float to make the news. Last summer, Taylor Swift made waves (again, pun intended) with her oversized swan float. As AQUA previously reported, an Instagram post shared by the star was the catalyst for a record sales season for Swimline Corporation. Since then, the trend hasn’t deflated, as oversized flamingos, black swans and pizza slices continue to take over the Instagram accounts of celebrities and wannabe stars alike.

Original article in Aqua Magazine by Cailley Hammel, August 2016

Shrimp with Mango Salsa

Whipping up this recipe on the Big Green Egg is a summer favorite.  Light, easy and delish! The perfect accompaniment to a steamy weekend…

Pick a Pack of Pepper Poppers to Prep on the Big Green Egg

Looking to spice up your Sunday Funday? Jalapeno Poppers are a great appetizer and roasting them on the Big Green Egg eliminates the need to deep fry them  We, of course use the special Pepper Corer Tool and the Jalapeno Cooking Rac…

Distinction in the Details

Say BMW and immediately your mind is sent to a state of luxury. With it’s longstanding history of driving pleasure and progressive visions, the BMW Designworks Company meets the needs of consumers while delivering a sharp silhoulet…

12 Hot Tub Etiquette Tips for the Guest

You have been invited over to a friend or neighbor’s house for a soak in their new hot tub, but are unsure of the proper Hot Tub Etiquette. Above all, enjoy your time with friends and soak up the relaxation a hot tub gives!

When Life Gives you Lemons…

A slice of lemon can bring new life to a boring glass of tap water when a flavor boost is in order. Not only that, but lemon can benefit your health too. It’s a wonderful detoxifier than can aid in digestion – a great side benefit when you indulge a little too much during a meal. In addition, the vitamin C can help boost your immune system and regular use can help support your weight loss goals.

Good Eatin’ on the Fourth of July

If you own a Big Green Egg, we’re pretty sure we know what you’ll be doing this weekend! These recipes are sure to inspire your backyard grillfest. Happy 4th!

Defining Wellness

Wellness: The Quality or State of being Healthy
: the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal <lifestyles that promote wellness>

Back to the Future

What were you doing 35 years ago? 
Joeseph Musnicki was wondering how he could work in his community and provide a service that was much needed and would make people feel good. With a small budget and one truck, Joe’s swimming po…

Visually Inspired

The possibilities are endless but sometimes we need a place to begin…

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is here and it’s time to celebrate our freedom and kickoff the Summer of 2016!  Check out these fun ways to celebrate Memorial Day and upcoming warm weather days! 

Visit a military attr…

The Summer Kick Off: Memorial Day Weekend

The temperatures are rising & the 4-day weekend buzz is in the air! What’s on your agenda for this Memorial day weekend? 
Fire up the Big Green Egg! We’ve been scouring the books for recipes and ideas to wow our backyard g…

Shine bright like a diamond

‘The difference is in the diamonds,’ never rang so true! 
No no, we’re not referring to an emerald or princess cut. We’re talking about the life you spend behind the glitz and glamour, at home in the arms of relaxation and serene sur…

Texas Style Brisket

Texas Style Brisket

This brisket is wonderful alone or served with soft tortillas and taco toppings. Ingredients One 10 to 12 lb (4.5 to 5.5 kg) whole packer brisket (Choice or higher) Instructions Mix the rub ingredients (listed below) in a large bowl. This mix will make more than you need for one brisket; store the remainder in … Read More

Blueberry BBQ Chicken

Blueberry BBQ Chicken

Recipe courtesy of Vivian Howard. Her documentary film series, “A Chef’s Life,” has won a Peabody Award, a Daytime Emmy and was nominated for four James Beard Awards. You can read more about Vivivan on P32 of our Lifestyle Magazine. “My Blue Q Suace is inspired by typical Eastern North Carolina vinegar-based barbecue sauce. But we … Read More

Fish and Shrimp Stuffed Jalapeños

Fish and Shrimp Stuffed Jalapeños

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 1 pound jalapenos 4-6 oz cream cheese 1-2 pounds shrimp 1 pound bacon Seasoning Instructions Set EGG for indirect cooking (with convEGGtor) at 400°F/204°C. Cook the grouper on a Perforated Cooking Grid. Mix with cream cheese when cooked. Cut the stems off and split the jalapenos in half long … Read More

Plank Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese

Plank Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese

Recipe copyright Kared Adler and Judith Fertig and used by permission of The Harvard Common Press. Photo courtesy: 25 Essentials: Techniques for Planking. Whether you serve these over dressed greens as a salad, on their own with a bold red wine as an appetizer, or as a sweet-savory dessert with a glass of port, you’ll … Read More

Grilled Grouper with Basil Tomato Sauce

Grilled Grouper with Basil Tomato Sauce

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 1 Tablespoon lemon juice 1 ½ teaspoons minced fresh rosemary or ½ teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed 1 ½ teaspoons olive oil ¼ teaspoon salt dash pepper 2 fish fillets ¼ cup diced seeded tomato 1 tablespoon minced fresh basil or 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 Tablespoon chopped green onion … Read More

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Grilled Cheesesteak Pizza

Recipe adapted from Laura’s Lean Beef. For more on Laura’s Lean Beef, visit Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 1 roasted red bell pepper, sliced (use from a jar) 1⁄2 onion, sliced 1 (14.5 ounce) can Red Gold® Diced Tomatoes, drained 1⁄2 tablespoon dried oregano 5 ounces Laura’s Lean Beef Sirloin Steak, cooked and … Read More

NY Strip Steaks

NY Strip Steaks

Recipe courtesy of O’Neill Williams. Ingredients 4 NY Strip steaks, seasoned with 4 tbsp Dizzy Gourmet® Cosmic Cow Seasoning™ Instructions Set the EGG for direct cooking (without the convEGGtor) with a Cast Iron Grid at 650°F/343°C. Grill steaks to desired internal temperature. 2 ½ minutes, then flip. 2 ½ minutes, then flip. Cook additional 3 … Read More

Cedar Planked Salmon with Honey Glaze

Cedar Planked Salmon with Honey Glaze

Recipe courtesy of Robert Mondavi, Jr. – Co-Founder and President of Winemaking, Michael Mondavi Family Estate and Folio Fine Wine Partners. “Collectively our family has ten EGGs…needless to say, we all believe in the versatility of the Big Green Egg.” Ingredients 2 Cedar Grilling Planks 1 ½ cup (120 ml) Dijon mustard ¼ cup (60 … Read More

Relax, you’ll be more productive

In today’s work culture we seem to have put a high value on the person that works 14 hour days; eats at their desk; takes work home with them; is constantly connected to work by phone and internet – even on off hours and weekends; doesn’t take vacation…you get the picture.  We think of these people as hard working and productive, but are they really?  Don’t get me wrong, they are working hard but may not be very productive.  Many studies have shown that the person who gets good sleep, relaxes and removes themselves from the work environment regularly is more productive.  They are also in a better mood making it easier to work within a team setting, more creative, and a more efficient problem solver.  Generally nicer to be around; that’s got to be worth something, right?  Nicer work environment?

Spa Cover Care Tips – The Do’s and Don’ts

The cover to your spa is an important piece of equipment that needs your attention like everything else. Simple do’s and do not’s of spa cover care will extend the life of your spa for years and years. Abuse the cover and it will break d…

Valentine’s Day Menu on the Big Green Egg

You’re planning a romantic night at home and want to create a light, but delicious meal that will really impress your guest.  Set the mood with a nicely set table, candles, chilled wine and romantic music.  The hot tub should be clean and ready for use. Below is a recipe for a wonderful shrimp dish; its the entrée, the rest is up to you.  Do you need a Big Green Egg or Eggcessories?  Stop in this week to stock up.

Chicken is the Winner – Super Bowl Party To Go Item

The Big Green Egg cooks up a mean and tasty chicken.  You can roast it, grill it, cook it horizontal, vertical or in a pan.  Anyway you look at it, you can get a few chickens, set up the Big Green Egg cook them up and serve wit…

Lets Host a Hot Spring Super Bowl Party!

If you are an avid NY football fan whether it is the Giants or Jets, I’m sure like myself, you are bummed that neither team will be in this years’ big game. That being said, there is no reason not to enjoy the day or game. Why not host a spa themed Super Bowl party? Here’s a few ideas:

Sauna is a State of Mind and a Matter of Wellness

If you are interested in health and wellness you cannot ignore all the blogs, articles and social media chatter about the benefits of sauna bathing whether you are a purist and go steam or prefer the infrared sauna solution.  Either way, a healthy 15 – 30 minutes per day or even 3

When Life is Hectic and Stressful

When life is hectic and stressful, it is vital to take time out to relax and unwind. Hot Tubs are an ideal way to soothe your stress away. Let the buoyancy of the water hol…

Spa Water Trouble Shooting

Winter is here and many are using their hot tub more and more. Looking at the water quality is important. There have been more people in the water, maybe even a dog or two…a few children of different ages. The temperature of …

Let’s Enjoy the Holidays in Our Hot Tub

This is the time of year we are drawn to celebrating with friends and family, we just can’t help ourselves.  Usually this involves libations and food.  In search of cocktails and mocktails for upcoming get togethers I stumbled …