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It’s been a few weeks since the little ones have started school and everyone seems to be getting back into a routine of work, school, homework, dinner, bathtime and uh-oh…someone’s sick!
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Refocus vs. De-focus

With ultra busy lives, we tend to maintain a constant state of motion. For some, just the thought of relaxation brings on an added stress. 
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The Most Expensive Pool Float in the World


Everyone wants their pool water to sparkle — but this float takes poolside shimmer to the next level.

#FLOATY, a supplier of novelty pool floats, is offering a stunning (pun intended) unicorn-shaped pool float encrusted with more than 10,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals in a rainbow of 14 colors. As #FLOATY social media manger and Rebecca Hsu told Observer, an online news and culture site, only one will be sold, making it the most exclusive pool float in the world.

As of press time, the unicorn float is still available for $6,000. (Though likely not for long; according to Hsu, #FLOATY has seen about a dozen serious inquiries.)

The crystal-studded inflatable isn’t the first pool float to make the news. Last summer, Taylor Swift made waves (again, pun intended) with her oversized swan float. As AQUA previously reported, an Instagram post shared by the star was the catalyst for a record sales season for Swimline Corporation. Since then, the trend hasn’t deflated, as oversized flamingos, black swans and pizza slices continue to take over the Instagram accounts of celebrities and wannabe stars alike.

Original article in Aqua Magazine by Cailley Hammel, August 2016