A Sauna With an Observation Deck

Maybe it’s the colder temps, damp weather and need for warmth that drew us in to this story. Or, perhaps it was the idea of a view added to our favorite room in the house, the sauna. Regardless, featured in NY Times Style Magazine, A Sauna With an Observation Deck caught our eye. Sauna is such an … Read More

Come to Relax, Stay For Your Health

It’s no surprise that the main reason people buy saunas is the same reason people buy any leisure product: relaxation. But the sauna offers a well-documented distinction that draws customers interested in more than kicking back. “The main difference is the sauna has so many additional health benefits that you don’t get in another leisure … Read More

6 Essential Oils for Happiness

March 9, 2018 By Author: Urmet Seepter Find out what are the most effective essential oils for happiness! The popularity of essential oils is clearly on the rise. Yoga classes have begun to use Rose oil and Lavender for their calming and relaxing effect. Frankincense and Sandalwood are used for meditation. Even athletes use essential oils in therapy … Read More

The Wellness First Approach

The Wellness First Approach  by Cailley Hammel, AQUA Magazine, April 2018 For many on Long Island, the phrase “hot tub” is synonymous with Ocean Spray Hot Tubs & Saunas. (It’s only natural when your business has been around nearly 40 years.) However, for the last year and a half, the Ocean Spray team has made … Read More

Hot Baths, Saunas can Relieve Pain, may help Heart

By Amy Chillag, CNN (CNN) Don Benedict played handball competitively for 30 years in the Pacific Northwest. To stay in shape, he ran 5 miles every other day. But decades of pounding the pavement took its toll. When Benedict was 57 years old, he ruptured a disc in his back. And then it happened again. He had … Read More

Six mind-body tips for less holiday stress

(CNN)- by Dana Santas: There’s no denying the joys of the holidays, but with all the shopping, parties and family visits, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by emotional and physical stressors. Trust me, I know the feeling! Thankfully, there are ways to keep the stress from getting the better of you. Below, I share six simple-yet-effective … Read More

Muscles in Hot Water

Alice Cunningham, one of our favorite water wellness advisors and owner of Olympic Hot Tub of Seattle, WA is always a great resource for information. A believer and true practitioner of the hot tub lifestyle, Alice shared the following blurb in AQUA Magazine on how hot water and muscles work so well together. Sometimes the … Read More

Diving into Water Wellness

Contact https://oceanspraypoolsandspas.com/ or stop into our Westhampton beach, Melville or Farmingdale locations to learn the benefits and beginning steps to add water wellness to your life.

Expanding water wellness…

As you know, we are big believers of wellness by way of water. Water is such a natural component of our lives that we tend to overlook the benefits due to simplicity. In fact, we are sure at least one visit to a doctor has resulted in heari…