Diving into Water Wellness

The season for swimming is upon us and we are ready to submerge into another year of water wellness on Long Island. The cold months of winter weather have had us researching hydrotherapy benefits and exercising in water, as we’ve released our newest product: The Endless Pools Fitness Systems. This unit is a swimming pool meets hot tub meets gym membership and it has us in a tizzy over the ease (not to mention fun) of working out in warm water. We have to admit, our team was reluctant to jump in right away (the thought of parading around the showroom in a bathing suit with our pasty white winter skin was less than desirable) until one by one we tried it out and became instant cheerleaders for this product. Rest assured, none of us are professional swimmers or triathletes. We are just people who value wellness in the form of feeling good and energized, staying active and living well in an easy, painless manner. Walking and swimming in the Endless Pool hits the mark and the good thing is, even the professional swimmers agree! (Oh yeah, we’ve brought in Farmingdale Swim Team members to test it too).

Making time for personal fitness isn’t easy. Endless Pools has branded the “Your Space, Your Pace” tagline and it has never been so true. Swimming and exercising in your own backyard at your own pace is enough to cancel the auto-renewal of your gym membership. Regardless of a backyard unit or taking a class at the YMCA, hydrotherapy has long been a fountain of health and is steadily increasing in popularity as we continue to live longer and value a well lived lifestyle. Check out these perks of water wellness, this is just the tip of floating your way to a better you!