Can’t Sleep? Try a Soak Before Bed

Can’t Sleep?  Try a Soak Before Bed

Soak before you Sleep No list of wellness tips would be complete without talking about sleep. Research has shown that getting a good night’s sleep is critical for both your mental and physical health. But not everyone sleeps well. Seventy percent of adults in the United States report not getting the rest they need. If you’re kept awake … Read More

The Aqua Bike is here for Endless Pools Fitness Systems!

Endless Pools is known best for swimming, but did you know you can swim, run and bike in an Endless Pools? Low-impact cycling is possible thanks the addition of a new, lightweight Aqua Bike! Position the Aqua Bike in front of the swim current and feel the resistance against your core and legs for an … Read More

Health Benefits of Sauna

Much has been made of the health benefits of sauna bathing. With good reason. Physically, nothing is more reinvigorating than a deep, healthy sweat every day. Tension fades. Muscles unwind. Mentally, we emerge relaxed, revived and ready for whatever the day may bring. A few minutes a day is all it takes to look and … Read More

How much does a hot tub cost?

  If you are in the market for a hot tub, one of the first questions you might ask is, “How much does a hot tub cost?” The answer is, it depends. Hot tub prices are not an industry secret. The main reason they are not displayed on the manufacturer’s website or most dealers’ websites is that prices … Read More