What’s for Dessert?

Spring has sprung and we’ve been more than happy to open up the shed and garage and start resetting the yard for yet another summer season of backyard fun in the sun! Yes, the weather has been more than a little wet in the northeast these past few weeks but it’s nothing a good pair of wellies and a rain coat won’t help with!

The first thing to make it’s way back onto the deck was the Big Green Egg. It has shown it’s shiny face a few times over the winter (once you spend a Super Bowl Sunday smoking on the grill, you’ll never stop!) but once again is making its semi-permanent home right outside the kitchen. Next holiday scheduled for a cookout is May 14th, Mother’s day. While menu planning and gift buying for the mom’s I love, I came across this Peach Cobbler dessert recipe made on, you guessed it, the BGE. Believe it or not, there are a ton of fun recipes just like this one! Peaches not your thing…smoked apple tarts, upside down pineapple cake, the options are limitless (your waistline is another story!). Have fun experimenting and be sure to send us a message to show off your skills! Happy Grilling, Friends!