Shine bright like a diamond

‘The difference is in the diamonds,’ never rang so true! 

No no, we’re not referring to an emerald or princess cut. We’re talking about the life you spend behind the glitz and glamour, at home in the arms of relaxation and serene surroundings. 

Balance, peace & wellness are the traits that make your life a good one. At day’s end, there’s nothing quite like relaxing in a tub of warm water with massaging jets to soothe the woes of a long day. Many hot tub owners come back to tell us that they are sleeping better, have more energy, less pain and even have better relationships with their family members after turning off the handheld technology and tuning in to each other, while escaping the world in their hot tub. We love hearing these stories! We also love learning ways to make these experiences even better…hence, our recommendation of a ACE Saltwater System added to your Hot Spring Spa. With fewer chemicals, silky soft water and a significant decrease in time spent maintaining your spa water the ACE System and it’s diamond patented technology are sure to add a lifetime of feel good memories.