Sharing our Stories

Ocean Spray’s own team member, Meredith Volpe, shares her weight loss journey in this video and explains how exercising in a swim spa has taken her to a fitness level that she’d never imagined. Sometimes, a gym is the last place you’d want to work out.
Our team does not simply sell hot tubs. We share our experiences and passion for wellness with our aquatic products in hopes that our customers will find their way on a healthier, happier path just as we have.

‘After having a few children, Meredith began losing control of her weight. Every day, she felt more trapped in her body. She tried working out, but everything she tried caused too much pain, leading her to feel hopeless. It wasn’t how she wanted to live. When Meredith learned about the benefits of low-impact water exercise in a home swim spa, she regained hope. Slowly, but surely, she started to see the pounds shed. Today, Meredith has lost more than 100 pounds with a combination of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes! Her next challenge is to complete the New York City Marathon. After that, who knows? The sky is the limit! She feels great and is happier than ever.’