Long Island Woman loses over 100 pounds Working Out in her own Backyard

Meet Meredith Volpe.  A Long Island wife, mother, salesperson, and great friend.  In 2018 Meredith weighed 267 lbs.

“Working out was painful— (I tried) different workouts, gym memberships, exercise videos.  My mind wanted to do it, but my body was fighting me,” said Volpe.

Because of her weight, Meredith said she felt trapped, “everything I tried didn’t make enough of a difference— without causing a lot of pain in my joints.”

Then everything changed, Meredith found out about Aquatic Fitness.

“At first, I was hesitant, I didn’t like to swim so a swim spa didn’t sound like it would be the right thing for me. But I quickly discovered that there is so much more to a swim spa than just swimming.”

Soon Meredith wasn’t just swimming, she was running!

“When I would go to the gym and run on the treadmill I could only do it for a few minutes at a time without my feet and knees burning. On the underwater treadmill on the Endless Pools I could turn the pace up to 4 miles and our and go for 20 minutes pain free. With the resistance from the swim machine, it is a real full body workout.  It’s the buoyancy of the water that enables me to gain strength without strain.”

Getting into the water helped Meredith physically and emotionally.

“When I was at my lowest, I didn’t think I could get back in shape, I was overwhelmed—it really affected my outlook on life,” said Volpe, “I felt trapped in my body it wasn’t how I wanted to live.”

Aquatic fitness was a way for Meredith to get back to a pain free healthy lifestyle.

“When I use the fitness system I have so much fun, and it is so motivating.  I even like swimming now.  It really is your space your pace.”

With less pain, Meredith can enjoy working out.  She says the water motivates her to just keep going.

“I see an Endless Pools System as an investment in the future.  Each year that passes it becomes more valuable.

Meredith ended up using her Endless Pools System to train for and complete the New York City Marathon—even after injuring her ankle.

“I have come so far,” and when asked what’s next for her, Meredith said “now… the possibilities are endless.”

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