Keeping Pests and Bugs away from your Hot Tub

This little guy’s coloring really camouflaged his private soak session, but I am sure our East Quogue, NY customer (where he was found) doesn’t want Mr. Frog to make her Hot Tub his permanent private bath.  Here are some tips and tricks to help keep all kinds of pests away from your Private or Full of Friends Soak Session.

Put a Lid on It

When your Hot Tub is not being used, keep the cover on.  Most covers have straps and clips to help keep it in its place—ensure you’re the fit of your cover and that it is in good condition.

Keep the Water Clean

Keeping your tubs water chemistry well maintained– correct and balanced will sanitize the water which isn’t as attractive to pests.

Surround Yourself

Certain plants and flowers help to keep bugs at bay—consider planting them near the Hot Tub.  Also, make sure to not leave food, beverages or standing water around the spa—they attract insects and pests.  Keep the lawn mowed and remove all sticks and logs within a 10-foot radius.

A Penny for Your thoughts…

Hot tubs look like a wonderful, warm home for rodents—and snakes which are attracted to the rodents—you can try using Copper to keep them away.  Most garden supply stores have Copper in tape form that can be applied along the bottom of the tub or try using metallic meshes to block any gaps.

Not all united guests are so cute as our Frog (which can still cause dirty water)—other pests attracted to water may include mice, snakes, squirrels and bugs—but with a little work, you can keep them away from your Spa (probably easier than keeping away uninvited Uncle Tom 🙂 ).  If you need help with Service and or Maintenance, reach out to us at 631-288-6008.