Hot Tubs are for People, Not Dogs

It may sound nice to have man’s best friend relax with you in your hot tub but it is not a good idea.  Below are 5 reasons to keep your dog out of hot water—

Dog’s regulate their body temperature in a different way than humans do.  When we get hot, we sweat—dogs use panting to cool down.  With a Hot Tubs set to 102 degrees F, your dog will tire himself out panting and possibly suffer heat stroke!

You know that pesky dog hair all over your home—well if your bring your dog into the water, that could be all over the hot tub!  Floating around and getting sucked into and stuck in the filters (I’m seeing a service call needed in the future too).

Dogs drink water—if they are in your Hot Tub, they are likely to drink water with chemicals in it!  Also, many dogs have sensitive skin, eyes and ears—exposing them to chlorine could cause your pooch pain.

Those nails could do some serious damage to your Hot Tub while they are moving around the Spa or even trying to climb out.

There is always the possibility that your dog could get in the tub when you are not around… or when you aren’t paying close attention.  Play it safe and keep your doggie out of Hot Tubs.


If you want to have some fun water time with your pup, consider putting out a plastic kiddie pool with fresh water in it, or turn on the sprinklers for them to run through—but remember, not every pooch loves getting wet.