Drinking to your Health

As you know, we are big believers of wellness by way of water. Water is such a natural component of our lives that we tend to overlook the benefits due to simplicity. In fact, we are sure at least one visit to a doctor has resulted in hearing ‘Drink more water.’ Don’t let yourself get dehydrated—drink more H2O.  Below are 5 benefits to Drinking Water:

Healthy Skin– Drinking enough water for your body helps to flush out toxins, moistures your skin, rid of wrinkles and increases blood flow—making your skin look more even, plumper and healthier.

Improved Physical Performance- Water helps to lubricate joints, and energizes muscles.

Increases Energy and Relieves Fatigue -Drinking water not only increases Energy levels it helps boost your brain, helping you to be more alert.

Helps to fight off Illness – Proper Hydration helps to stop germs from the get go—stop those viral invaders before they enter the body with moist mucus membranes,

Assists in disposing of Waste -Water in equals water out—but it takes toxins out with it.


Not only is water healthy it helps you to avoid a whirlwind of symptoms, most notably sluggishness, confusion, weak muscles, dry skin and a poor immune system. If you think water can be a little boring to drink on it’s own try infused water. Herbs, fruit and other mix-ins can add excitement to your water bottle and your taste buds!


For more on clean drinking water visit:

World Health Organization

USA’s Center for Disease Control