Relish a cleaner, softer, more vibrant water experience? With SilkBalance as the central part of your water maintenance program you will.

You purchased your hot tub for hydrotherapy and relaxation, not to handle and bathe in a spa of harsh chemicals. Let SilkBalance optimize your water’s performance and allow you to enjoy your spa time.

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Improve your hot tub experience and order Silk Balance today.
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Easier to Use.

Better Results.

The SilkBalance spa water care system you have come to appreciate is now more appealing.

SilkBalance is a spa water care treatment program that is so simple to use.

  • Leaves your water silky and soft
  • Provides crystal-clear water
  • Creates an odor-free environment
  • Maintains continuous, pure water quality
  • Balances water levels (pH and alkalinity)
  • Eliminates the need for excessive chemicals
  • Prevents spikes in water levels, making water care easier

Before You Start Using SilkBalance use Clean Start.

Before using SilkBalance for the first time, you should purge the plumbing system underneath to clean away the organic deposits in your plumbing lines from previous use. This concentrated liquid formula is specially blended to work with water of all hardness levels and is designed to deep clean the spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment.

CLEAN START PREPARES YOUR TUB for luxuriously simple spa experiences in just hours, not days.
With the jets on high, Clean Start will flush your hot tub in 30 minutes. This process prepares your tub for use in hours, not days. You can drain your spa and refill it with no worries, you spa is left with a fresh, clean scent.

No over night soaking.
No lingering foaming residue.
We highly recommend using Clean Start to flush the plumbing once a year.

How To Use Silk Balance

SPA Start-Up

1. What is the most important thing I need to do to prepare when starting with SilkBalance™?
SilkBalance™ must start with properly balanced water, only then can it maintain balance. pH is the most important and it needs to be 7.2 – 7.6 average. Alkalinity is the anchor for pH in all water, and needs to be 70 – 120 generally. These settings are necessary before you add SilkBalance™. Calcium should be between 60 -100.

2. Previously USED SPAS- Preparing a used spa for use with SilkBalance™ – what do I do with CleanStart?
Use CleanStart by Silk Balance to purge your pipes and start with fresh water. Very Simple.

3. How do I make sure I’ve completely flushed the old water and Clean Start out before refilling?
Stick the garden water hose nozzle into each of the upper-most jets for several minutes letting water run through them. This removes any silted old water.

Note – Whenever possible start SilkBalance™ on a new set of filters for best results.

Water Maintenance

1. Does SilkBalance™ automatically balance my fresh water?
No it doesn’t. SilkBalance™ must start with properly balanced water, and then it can maintain balance. pH is the most important and it needs to be 7.2 – 7.6 average. ( See top of page) Total Alkalinity (TA) is the anchor for pH and needs to be between 70 – 120 generally.

2. If I don’t use the spa that often, do I still need the 4oz a week in my large spa of 400 gallons?
No. Spa owners using the spa 3 times per week or less can reduce the dose to 3 oz weekly and then only need to re-order every 6 months. Spas of 250 gallons or less go from 3 oz weekly to 2 oz lasting up to 8 months per bottle.

3. Can I add SilkBalance™ and chlorine granule on the same day?
Yes. One significant change is that you can now use SIlkBalance any day, even if you are also adding chlorine.

4. Do I need to drain my spa before my vacation?
Not necessarily. If the water is fresh and looks good, etc. Shock with a chlorine dose 24 hours before SilkBalance™ and then add a dose of 5 oz based on a full size spa, or 4 oz on a smaller version. Turn heater temperature down to 80 degrees and lock the lid. Water should be fresh and clear upon return. Before using, turn up the heat add 1 oz granular chlorine, and then SilkBalance™ as normal the following day. Check pH and Alkalinity.

5. How often should I replace my water?
Water is subject to bather and other waste build up over time, commonly referred to as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) this is recommended to be changed at the 1500ppm level.

Replacing water is generally also a visual issue. Water that is clean, smells and feels good is ok to keep anywhere up to 8 months with SilkBalance™. The lower build up of TDS is a key reason; however the bather load and frequency can reduce this.

General rule – If it looks good, smells good, and feels good, it’s good.

6. I am finding the water is irritating my skin what can I do?
Possible causes are incorrect pH or Alkalinity. The first step is to check these settings as well as the chlorine content in the water. Excess chlorine is highly aggressive and irritating. General family use should be no more than 1 – 0.5ppm on average the day after adding your weekly 1 ounce dose of chlorine crystals.

Excessive contaminants can irritate skin – check chlorine levels – if low shock.

NOTE: If these steps to attain the suggested settings have been taken and you are still having irritation issues stop using the spa and contact your doctor and then Ocean Spray’s Service Department at 631-288-6006 x3.

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