Ocean Spray Hot Tubs and Saunas provides water care products and services for Hot Springs Portable Spas, Endless Pools Fitness Systems, Finnelo Saunas, and In Ground Pools. We use only the highest quality products recommended by the manufacturers. Having said that, investing in a spa that does much of the work for you will greatly reduce the time you must dedicate to maintenance.

Ace Salt Water Systems – Salt water systems automatically generate chlorine and cleaners so you don’t need to handle them. Ace Salt water systems are extremely popular, and many hot tub owners say these water care systems actually improve the feel of spa water as well as decrease dry skin and eye irritation that’s common with traditional systems.

High Output Ozone Systems – Ozone is one of the most powerful water treatment compounds available, and has been used for years as an alternative to more traditional chlorine-based systems. It works by oxidizing and sanitizing water, producing cleaner water faster with fewer chemicals. With disinfection rates higher than traditional chlorine, ozone is odorless and extremely effective.

Our Online Store makes it convenient to purchase the products you need to take care of weekly maintenance your own.

Our Valet Water Care Programs are designed to help those with a busy schedule that prevents them that task.

Of course, the Ocean Spray Team are experts at water care and can answer any questions you have about how to choose the best products to keep your spa water clean, clear and inviting.
Contact us today if you require service on your hot tub, sauna or pool or need advice on what product to use. 631-288-6006 ext.0.