A happy hot tubber recently bought a new house and wanted to have something their family could do together to relax, have fun, and create memories. “We thought about getting a pool in our backyard, but the cost and maintenance — not to mention all the chemicals — turned us off to the idea. As we researched the different options, we discovered something that would allow us to have all the fun without the disadvantages. Here’s why we chose a salt water hot tub for our family, and why you should, too…” 

an older woman enjoys the spa - is a salt water hot tub better more affordable than chlorine?
What makes a salt water hot tub better or easier than a chlorine system?

I’m a busy mom. I can barely keep my house clean for a few hours while the kids play. If you have kids, you probably know the feeling. As Comedian Jim Gaffigan says, “It’s like you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby.” If you don’t want to deal with anything high-maintenance in your already-busy life, a salt water hot tub is the way to go.

The ACE® Salt Water System from Hot Spring® automatically generates the cleaning agents for your hot tub, so you don’t have to add them. The ACE system keeps your spa clean for you, even when you’ve forgotten about it or are too busy to maintain it. The best part is that your spa is ready whenever you and your family wants to get in it – and so you use it a lot. In fact, because of the refreshing way it makes your skin feel and the lack of chlorine odor after, it makes you much more likely to use your hot tub often.

a couple enjoys an evening soak in a grandee nxt hot tub with a salt water system
Will a salt water hot tub system be easier to maintain?

The automated ACE salt water hot tub system keeps your spa water clean longer so you won’t need to drain and refill your spa water as often as you might with other spas. That means you don’t have to buy all the additional products other spas require – which means fewer trips to the store, and less time spent draining, cleaning, and refilling your spa. The easier-to-maintain ACE salt water system saves you time, so you can pour more of this precious resource into your family — not into your hot tub.

a man enjoys a soak in a rhythm spa
What chemicals do you have to put in a hot tub?

With ACE, you don’t have to worry about excess chemicals in the water. This patented system uses diamond electrodes to produce active oxygen. The active oxygen pairs with sodium chloride (salt) to create a small amount of chlorine. The system is designed to ensure that you have safely sanitized water with the smallest amount of added chemicals possible. The result is softer, cleaner, more natural water for you and your family to use.

What else do I need to know about hot tub water care?


  • Odor – No chlorine odor with a salt water system
  • Skin feels softer – similar to a spa experience
  • Less maintenance and less time spent testing and shocking your water
  • No dangerous chemicals to leave around for pets or children
  • Water quality is more stable – controlled more naturally

By Andrea Osmun

May 11 – May 21, 2018 the ACE Saltwater System is FREE with purchase of a new Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight Series Spa. Interested in learning more? The Ocean Spray team is ready to chat about the benefits of salt water and how to help you get started on your hot tub wellness journey. With four locations across Long Island, we welcome you stop in and feel the difference for yourself! https://www.mcssl.com/WebForms/WebForm.aspx?wid=fcfc42e4-968e-40bc-bdaf-d549234dd719